Working and Employment opportunities in The USA

The USA, home to over 300 million people, is the world’s largest economy. On its own it makes up about a quarter of the world’s GDP, it has maintained its global position through a stable growth rate and fairly low unemployment levels. It is a large country with a huge amount of natural resources and high quality infrastructure that allows it to achieve high productivity, it is also the world’s largest manufacturer and its most important financial centre.

And so to work opportunities; its top five industries are: Oil & Gas, Retail, Healthcare, Automotive and Pharmaceuticals.
The Oil and Gas sector is the world’s 3rd largest and generates over 5 trillion dollars a year. All the big companies operate here, including Shell, BP, Chevron and Exxon Mobil. If you are in the Oil and Gas industry or one of its offshoots, the USA is a great place to work.

The USA is famed for its shopping, whether its downtown malls, discount stores or high-end boutiques in New York, the Retail industry is worth an eye-watering 4.5 trillion dollars to the US economy and names like Walmart and Verizon have become worldwide brands due to aggressive expansion strategies.

Healthcare is another big contributor to the economy, over 1.7 trillion dollars is generated in hospitals, doctors surgeries, health insurance firms and the like.

The Automotive industry has been through some tough times in the past few decades, but cars are close to the hearts of most Americans and the industry still generates a whopping 1.5 trillion dollars of revenue per year. The big car firms are now no longer Ford and Chrysler though, foreign names have changed the game and companies like Volkswagen and Toyota are the real powerhouses in the American automobile industry today.

Pharmaceuticals are big business the world over and in America they are bigger than most, Pfizer and Bayer are 2 of the big ‘Pharma’ brands that are developing, manufacturing and distributing medecines and drugs to the ever expanding (and longer living) population. The industry is worth over 700 billion dollars per year.

Outside of the top 5 industries it’s important to mention Finance, IT, Engineering and Tourism as large sectors that, due to the sheer size of the US can generate vast sums of money and employ large numbers of people.

The USA truly is a land of opportunity as far as the foreign worker goes. If you can get the necessary entry requirements to come and work here, it’s a fantastic destination.
The CV Doctor