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Director Of Computer Vision - 3D Reconstruction/Mapping

Redwood City
Only English Required
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Job Description

Director of Computer Vision - 3D Reconstruction/Mapping

Redwood City, CA


$180,000 - $200,000/year with full benefits and equity


As a well-funded spin off of the Stanford Research Institute, this start-up partners with SRI to build out maps of property for real estate businesses/agents and large commercial property management purposes. Accessibility to state-of-the-art technological research and resources through the SRI partnership provides a competitive advantage for the start-up's products and endless opportunities for advances in mapping technology. The company focuses on using SLAM, VSLAM, LIDAR, and 3D reconstruction technologies to map digital representations of the interior spaces of large real estate properties. The company is looking to grow rapidly and build out the computer vision team with its excellent seed funding and the series A round currently in process.


As the Direction of Computer Vision, you will be spearheading the 3D Computer Vision efforts in this well-funded and growing start-up. You will be doing large scale 3D architectural scanning and scene understanding with cutting-edge applications in remote viewing, AR, and VR. The Direction of Computer Vision will be joining the engineering team early in its development and heading up the CV efforts for the company. As such, you will play a significant role in the building of the engineering culture of the company. In addition, this role is expected to turn into the Head of Computer Vision as the company and team grow.

The Direction of Computer Vision will be doing the following:

  • Heading up the 3D reconstruction/Computer Vision efforts
  • Responsible for building out the Computer Vision team as well as developing the engineering culture for the business
  • Building out 3D maps from sensor data
  • Researching in the field of 3D Computer Vision to apply technological advances to real-world 3D mapping problems
  • 75% of your time will be technical/coding to produce products and 25% of your time will be spent researching to stay on top of cutting-edge methods


  • PhD in Computer Science, Physics or Electrical Engineering
  • Masters in same fields with 5+ years of commercial experience will be considered
  • Visual pose estimation and camera calibration
  • 3D reconstruction, LIDAR, SLAM, and VSLAM
  • Experience with large data sets
  • Highly competent C++ programmer
  • Familiarity with Linux
  • Working in cloud deployed environments
  • Scripting language suitable for tool automation (e.g. Python)
  • Experience in a production environment and familiarity with Git, JIRA, and Agile project management


  • $180,000 - $200,000/year with full benefits and equity
  • High potential for upward mobility as the company continues to grow


  • Please register your interest by sending your CV to Greg Deasy at Harnham via the Apply now link on this page.
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Salary Indication
US$150000 - US$190000 per year + Full Benefits and Equity

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